Assistance to vehicles and persons

In case of mechanical breakdown, battery failure, fuel or power failure, loss of keys, puncture or accident, repair service provider shall repair the vehicle on site or tow the vehicle to the repair shops of the seller garage or, failing that, to the nearest recommended repairman.


For the driver, no costs have to be paid, the breakdown service is covered by Icare, with no kilometre deductible and no ceiling (depending on the coverage). The vehicle is towed to the usual garage for repairs, breakdowns and punctures.

Breakdown service can be carried out on site or towing from the 1st km or even below the home.


Under the terms of the contracts, the driver may be entitled to repatriation to the home, to the cost of accommodation or to the cost of a taxi, to the cost of recovering the repaired vehicle.

Replacement vehicle

In case of an accident, theft, breakdown, puncture or loss of keys, a replacement car is offered for the duration of the repairs.


This replacement car included in warranty or maintenance product is personalised:

  • large choice of vehicles, from the most economical to the highest end of the range, depending on the terms of the contract


  • coverage of all duration and possible causes of immobilisation, depending on the conditions of the partner.

Icare, supplied as a priority to the repair garage or, failing that, reserved with a lessor (access to all networks), pays for the replacement vehicle.


A courtesy car may also be offered for the duration of the vehicle maintenance